This is a 10 week course that helps you to understand about trauma, how it affects your brain and how you can take back control.


Delivered in a classroom style with 2 facilitators, this may be the first time you meet other men that have also been through something similar to yourself.  For many this may be a scary prospect and we appreciate the difficulty you may have in taking this next step. However, men that attend this course, get amazing benefits as the testimonies below show:


What’s Involved

  • 10 weekly sessions of two hours each (with a break halfway through)
  • Facilitator led by 2 facilitators
  • Maximum 10 participants
  • Same time, same day, same facilitators
  • Offered at no charge or donation-based


You can view an introduction to Mankind's Psycho-educational course, with some taster videos, by clicking here.