This is your opportunity to talk in confidence, maybe for the first time, about how you are feeling about what has happened to you.  For people who have not had counselling before, it can be a scary prospect. However the counselling we provide is at your pace and designed around your goals so that you are always in control.  You do not have to do any of the following:


  • Remember and recount everything that happened to you
  • Report your abuser to the Police
  • Tell anybody else what you talk about in counselling.


Our counsellors create a safe space for you to help you make sense of the past, understand the present and plan a future.


To get an idea of the impact that our individual counselling makes to clients' lives, please see the difference we make.


What’s Involved

  • Up to 24 weekly sessions of one hour each
  • Same time, same day, same counsellor
  • Offered at no charge or donation-based