“I feel I can talk to my family more about the way I feel and why.”

“My relationships have improved a lot. Even though they don"t know about my trauma, I have addressed some of the really bad experiences I had as a child and I feel ‘more free’ of these negative patterns.”

“I wasn’t in touch with my family before. I hope to see my children soon.”

“My relationship with my younger brother has improved and is on a better standing.”

“Whilst my immediate family situation is still ongoing and unsettled. I have learnt to understand how others feel about my attitudes and any actions. I feel that I now have a new platform to repair my damaged relationships.”

“Feel more in control and confident. Put together a routine. Being more open about what I have been through has made me realise how my family value me - helped me value self.”

“I’ve had a lot of reappraisal on my relationships with my partner and family of origin. Basically I feel I have let go of a lot of unhealthy dependency.”