“I can now face up to getting up and going to work. I have a happier and more balanced outlook on life.”

“I feel more hopeful and my forward thinking has changed. I feel more motivated to make changes, even though it’s scary.”

“Feeling generally that my life quality has improved a lot. Having a space to have my feelings heard has been really brilliant. (The Counsellor) made the space feel safe - the counselling has helped me enormously.”

“Life has become very positive. My entire outlook has changed for the better.”

“Having a safe place to explore my abuse made me feel less hyper alert and snappy. Feel more laid back now, more forgiving, less fear of failure, happier.”

“Having identified with the sessions at Mankind, I gave myself a direction to follow with the support of the counsellor. Things were put into perspective during the sessions. Inow feel that I have a resolution to my reasons for coming.”

“Sometimes I have to remind myself of the change that has happened. I feel my life has become manageable and I’m actually enjoying it. I hadn’t expected it to be so transformative.”

“Daily life is much more positive - still aware of past problems - present problems but dealing with all of it rather than coping and denying.”