Support Our Service - It’s time for a COO!

We want to use the power of community to break free from the traditional charity fundraising cycle of ‘feast and famine’, and create a new way of helping our clients - by creating a Community Based Organisation.

The Community Owned Organisation will have 3 main aims:

  1. To provide security against the shrinking pots of available funds;
  2. Recognise sexual abuse as a community-based issue in which we all have our part to play;
  3. Put people back in control by creating a community owned organisation.

So, how does it work?

If just 3,000 people gave just £3 a month, we would be able to generate nearly 50% of our operating costs.

That is just £36 per year, per person, to ensure that Mankind can continue to deliver the services that our clients say they want.

In addition, by creating a pool of supporters, we will be handing more power over to the community - who we will be able to consult about what they think we should be doing, and where we should be heading to ensure every man that has been abused is able to get help.

As a thank you to our supporters: Once we reach our target of 3000 supporters, we will hold a yearly prize draw with 3 prizes of £1,000 each.

Why do we want to do this?

Ever since the Jimmy Savile scandal broke, it seems that everyday there is another story in the news about abuse!  It is a scary situation which no one seems to be doing anything about it!

This can make us feel powerless and not know what to do

Here at Mankind we want to see a world where no one is silenced by sexual violence, and we believe the way to do that is by getting together to take back some control and start making a difference.

Becoming a Mankind supporter can make a difference

It is the little things in life that count, which is why we are only asking for a small amount.  But if we all give a little, we can achieve a lot. One small step for Mankind can make the world of difference to the 1 in 6 men who have been sexually abused.

We see our future in the power of community

By becoming a Mankind supporter, you will be making a positive contribution to our work, helping us to continue what we do well and securing a future for men whose lives have been shattered by sexual abuse.

Why do we want to solve this problem this way?

Like most small charities, we spend a lot of time and resource on writing applications and applying to funders to support our services.  The plain truth is that all these pots of money are getting smaller and harder to find, and the hard fact is funders are getting more strict on how we should spend the money.  Meaning that we cannot fully realise the services that we think will help the most.

Therefore we have rethought our position and now want to change how we fund and operate the charity.  This thinking is based on challenging some of the preconceptions about sexual abuse:

  1. Sexual abuse happens to individuals - but there is no such thing as an individual, we are all part of one or more communities: family, neighbour, peer groups, etc.
  2. Sexual abuse happens in private - but no space is truly private; everywhere is a community space of some sort: home, school, park etc.
  3. Sexual abuse isolates individuals – but no one truly lives in isolation; they can withdraw, but they are always surrounded by some type of community, be it work, family, friends etc

The traditional response to sexual abuse has been to focus solely on the individual through an isolated therapeutic intervention. Our experience of talking with clients and the public has led us to believe that sexual abuse is a community level issue – it takes place within a community context, therefore the community plays a vital role in the individual's ability to acknowledge what has happened to them, receive help and support, and ultimately become an integrated and healthy part of their community again.